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Your products live in their living room! Thats our goal. We create Low Polygon 3d models optimized for great mobile experience. Your customers can check products on their phone and buy. With our experience in 3d model design your revenue will go up and your returns will go down!
AR – Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality technology requires images to be in 3D, allowing you to “walk around” the object or to have it interact with the items in the real world.

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CGI – Computer generated imagery

With CGI we digitally create photo realistic images of your home & living products that are far more cost-effective than having to do multiple photo shoots.

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VR – Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment.

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What we’re all about
We are passionate about this new world of 3D tech and how to bring this to consumers’ living rooms. We love showing our clients the possibilities and benefits of virtual reality, augmented reality and computer generated images.
Dedicated to e-Commerce
The models are tuned for mobility, usable on all devices.
Cost Effective
Creation of models can be as affordable as $30.
Wealth of Experience
We have created over 10.000 models for e-Commerce.
Timely Delivery
Delivery within 5 working days!
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Jatinder Kukreja

Customer success
Mobile: +31 6 3939 4140
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Kjell Genuit

Customer success
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